Pharmaceuticals & Biologics

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Name & Description Number
FANC: Potentiating Melphalan in Multiple Myeloma by Targeting the Fanconi Anemia/BRCA Resistance Pathway 03B097
VEGF/PDGF: Orally Bioavailable Small Molecule that Binds VEGF or PDGF for the Treatment of Cancer or Age-Related Macular Degeneration 03B114
RhoB: Variants for the Suppression of Malignancy 04B102
STAT3: Enhancing Immune Response to Tumor Cells 04B112
MRP1: Compounds for Treating Multidrug Resistance 04MA002
Raf/Mek/P-Erk: Inhibition of the Raf/Mek/P-Erk Pathway by the Beta-2-Adrenergic Receptor Agonist Pirbuterol 05B072
Src, Abl: Dasatinib on Drug-Eluting Stents for the Prevention and Treatment of Restenosis and Stenosis 05B111N
Rb/Raf: Orally active disruptors of the Rb/Raf-1 binding interaction 05B126
Shp2: Indoline Scaffold Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Inhibitors 06A038
BCR-ABL: Vorinostat co-treatment enhances dasatanib efficacy in CML 06B078N
Rho Kinase: Inhibitors as Novel Anti-Cancer Agents 06B134
Glut-1: Glucose Transporter Inhibitors 07B083
SHIP: Inhibitors for Treating Graft vs. Host Disease and Transplant Rejection 08MB010
Topoisomerase II: Inhibitors of Nuclear Export of Topoisomerase II Alpha 08MB014
Aurora: Aurora Kinase Inhibitors 09MA037
pH: Inhibition of Metastasis with Systemic Non-volatile Buffers 09MB048
Mcl-1: Asymmetrical Marinopyrroles as Anti-Cancer Agents (Mcl-1 inhibitors) 10MA018N
LPAAT: Lysophosphatidic Acid Acyltransferase-Beta Inhibitors to Treat Pancreatic Cancer 10MA019N
FT/GGT: Farnesyltransferase/ Geranylgeranyltransferase Dual Inhibitor 10MB048
Topoisomerase II: Inhibitor Enhancer in Multiple Myeloma 10MB078
Proteasome: Non-covalent and Reversible Proteasome Inhibitors with an Oxadiazole-isopropylamide Core 10MB083
SHP2: Novel Small Molecule Oxindole Tyrosine Phosphatase Inhibitor 12MA024N
HDAC6: Novel Small Molecule Histone Deacetylase 6 Inhibitor with a Substituted Aryl Urea Cap Group 12MA030
Mcl-1: Cyclic, Symmetrical Marinopyrroles as Anti-Cancer Agents 12MA035N
CDC25C/PP2A/Lenalidomide: Conjugate Therapeutic with CpG, siRNAs, and Lenalidomide to Treat non-del(5q) MDS 12MB075N
IRE-1: Novel Small Molecule Inhibitors of IRE-1 for Treatment of B-cell Cancer 12MB089
STAT3: STAT3 Dimerization Inhibitors 12MB098
Anti-infectives: Symmetrical Synthetic Marinopyrroles as anti-MRSA Therapeutics 12MB110
BRD4 JAK2: Novel BRD4/JAK2 Dual Inhibitors as Cancer Therapeutics 14MB069
TAG72-CD3: Bispecific Antibody for Targeted Cancer Immunotherapy 14MB072
WEE1: Small molecule WEE1 inhibitor to treat cancer that inhibits WEE1 phosphorylation of H2B but not Cdc2 14MB092N
Ras: Inhibitors of the Binding of GTP to Oncogenic Mutant K-Ras 15MA011
Ras/Raf: Stapled Peptides Designed to Inhibit the K-Ras/Raf Interaction 15MA012
Aurora/JAK2: Dual Kinase Inhibitor targeting JAK2 and Aurora Kinase A for GVHD Prophylaxis 16MA005N
DOR: Delta opioid receptor ligand and anti-PD1 checkpoint inhibitor conjugates for immunotherapy of lung cancer 16MA029N
β-catenin/BCL-9: Small molecule inhibitors of the interaction of β-catenin and T-cell Factor 17MA014
β-catenin/TCF: Small molecule inhibitors of the interaction of β-catenin and T-cell Factor 17MB040N